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ArchiCAD to Cinema 4D export but no textures?

I was spending my long vacation recently and I’ve got an urgent request regarding the ArchiCAD to Cinema 4D export workflow. An artist got a c4d scene which was exported from ArchiCAD but all textures were black when he opened the scene in Cinema 4D.

But in eventually, it was a user error on the client side. Often clients don’t notice the ‘tex’ folder next to the c4d file and forget to send it along with the c4d file to the 3D visualization artist.

Here, in this post, I wrote about the different export methods to transfer geometry from ArchiCAD to Cinema 4D.
The most common way to export a c4d scene is from Window menu > Palettes > Photorendering Settings then clicking on the arrow next to the photograph icon and select ‘Export to CINEMA 4D’ on the palette.
Next, the save dialog lets the user specify the file path. It’s a common practice to save onto the desktop or in a non-empty folder. At this point it’s easy to miss the ‘tex’ folder.

If you are an artist and your client sends you only a c4d file, check first in Cinema 4D Window menu > Project Asset Inspector (version R21+ or Texture Manager in earlier versions) if there is any missing texture.
If there is one, just ask for the ‘tex’ folder from your client.