Real wood

Selecting the fitting material for our design is not trivial. I’ve made a DIY project recently when I worked with wooden parts and assembled a simple shoe cabinet.

The purpose of sharing these images is not to showcase a unique piece of furniture. It’s rather to put this good experience in my diary and serve as an inspiration for You! In the end of the day, anything which have your fingerprint on it, will be unique 🙂

I kept the design simple in order to be able to make it with the basic tools I have. As a result, I’ve got a well functioning shoe stand which is quite hidden in a wall niche. For the joints, I could use screws which are hidden by the wall but of course not suitable for a freestanding cabinet.

Unfortunately, with such basic tools, I won’t be able to maintain the required precision. This would have changed the design at the beginning to avoid that one shoe holder stick gets shorter than the other and make it difficult to assemble.

It was a good fun to work on it and switch off the laptop for a short while 🙂


Gothic monument reconstructed in 3D

This gothic fountain is the masterpiece of the Basel based craftsman, Konrad Lux, built in 1494. The original statue is located in the historical museum and this one is only a copy of the original one.
The first section shows the original footage, I made with my mobile phone.
The next section of the video is about the reconstruction in 3D. Of course the quality of the polygonal model is just as good as the original footage is.

Here is a video about the material editing and finally the rendering.

Bank project – retro style goes well for Budapest

I’ve shared the work in progress photos about the Bank project earlier in January.

Now, I publish a few pictures which were taken by Norbert Baranyi after the project was finished.









Before – After images:



Interior design by Eszter Kallai

Lamp experimentation

Lamp shade form-finding from Eszter Kallai on Vimeo.

This lamp shade can be easily folded into a flat shape, therefore it's easy to carry when moving to a new place.
The base of this lamp can be changed to anything else which can hold the metal upper part which consist of metal rings which hold the chain.
The video is made for finding the form which fits the best.

Wall Paint and feature wall in Bank project

Komlo - beige wall paint

I have to make a decision on the wall paint color. The current state of the wall is saddening. The previous owner was smoking inside and I got these distressed walls I have to work with.

I would like to have some professionally made distressed vintage wall here, but the future tenant would not live with it for a long time since it’s not a light and sunlit place anyway due to its north facing windows.

The color choice is made by creating these renderings with multiple colors. I agree with the advice to not to paint the wall white if the room is not sunlit:

I will go for the following rustic tone (Polifarbe – komlo color) : beige color. It will make the room cozy since it is only 20 m2.

beige wall paint color




The wall paper used for the feature wall which is visible immediately when someone enters the apartment:

Faro wallpaper

Retrofit project – Budapest, Raday street

Project: Retrofit project – Budapest, Raday street

Year: 2011
Area: 44 m2

Concept: The original layout of this apartment consisted of one main room, entrance hall, a toilet and a kitchen with bathtub. There was no separate bathroom. After more than 20 years of living in the flat, the previous tenant has left it without any renovation or maintenance. The extremely high ceiling height (4.60 m) is a big advantage in this ground floor property. I designed a loft in the main room which divides the space into a living room downstairs and a bedroom upstairs. Bathroom is also upstairs and adjacent to the bedroom. The loft structure and stairs have a robust steel structure which were installed and designed according to the structural engineer’s instructions. Regarding the new layout, loft and stairs design: we successfully found the balance between the structural requirements, aesthetics and the client’s needs. The ‘S’ shaped edge was a unique idea which made the railing quite difficult to install.

The new materials used for the floors, tiles and furnitures are all in harmony and result to a homey atmosphere with timeless modern look. Also the quality of the materials were extremely important for the owner. For example, the stair treads are made of walnut wood. The material came from the owner’s grand parents where the walnut tree was cut a few years ago and was waiting for the right place to be built in. Neutral and beige colours are dominant in this interior. This sophisticated design is very appreciated by the owner and tenants.

new kitchen with custom cabinets
new kitchen with custom cabinets
new bathroom with tropical merbau floor
floor plan – downstairs

floor plan – upstairs

Before the renovation. Right after the purchase.