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EUROSTAR Conference 2020


This is a testing conference organized each year since 1993. The first time I’ve attended the conference in 2017, in Copenhagen. It has had a good vibe and all workshops and talks have had a great quality.

This year, due to the COVID-19 virus, it was a fully online event which was using the Hopin and Zoom technologies for streaming.
Here is a summary about the most interesting workshop I’ve attended.

Tutorial: The green traveller – Prioritizing your backlog to make an impact by Derk-Jan de Grood

Tester should be involved in Roadmap planning? Yes, it would be beneficial.
As a tester, Derk was on a planning meeting with Scrum master & other managers, his experience was pretty bad one time when he was basically “kicked off” from the meeting because of his questions. His opinion is that tester should participate on these planning meetings.

Green traveller is a fantasy project.
It’s an organization which provides environment friendly travelling solutions like provides train connections.
Using this solution, you can earn green miles (loyalty system).
The site has the “Get out of the plane, take the train” slogen.

The prioritizing of backlog was done in smaller group of 6 people. Value range linked to the priority were :

  • Highest value > 80
  • Lowest value > 20

Groups did the intial sorting based on this value (priority)

On epic level, the following contributed to the priority:

  • money needed to implement
  • time needed to implement
  • compliance to business goal
  • impact on customer

Then, the customer journey has been determined which made it clear that not only the business goal should be taken into account. The reason is that there were teams with lower value items. They will need to be motivated somehow too so they need work. A very good metaphor for this: There will be someone who is painting the fence until the house burns down.

Take away: Not always the business value which should be taken into account which item should be worked off first

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