Personal Project

Real wood

Selecting the fitting material for our design is not trivial. I’ve made a DIY project recently when I worked with wooden parts and assembled a simple shoe cabinet.

The purpose of sharing these images is not to showcase a unique piece of furniture. It’s rather to put this good experience in my diary and serve as an inspiration for You! In the end of the day, anything which have your fingerprint on it, will be unique 🙂

I kept the design simple in order to be able to make it with the basic tools I have. As a result, I’ve got a well functioning shoe stand which is quite hidden in a wall niche. For the joints, I could use screws which are hidden by the wall but of course not suitable for a freestanding cabinet.

Unfortunately, with such basic tools, I won’t be able to maintain the required precision. This would have changed the design at the beginning to avoid that one shoe holder stick gets shorter than the other and make it difficult to assemble.

It was a good fun to work on it and switch off the laptop for a short while 🙂


Personal Project

Sketched ideas

Sketch experimentation from Eszter Kallai on Vimeo.

There is an ongoing, never-ending battle regarding the usefulness of the photo-rendered images in early stage of the planning lifecycle.
There has been a completely different building presented in the media when the first concept was made for the swimming-hall in 2014.
After that the building was completed a few days ago and all involved people are celebrating the handover ceremony, the media is focusing to the first concept again which was made in 2014… but why?

This video was inspired by the two main concepts of the new Dagaly Aquatics Arena in Budapest.