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The River Retreat – India

Location: Palace Road, Cheruthuruthy, Thrissur, Kerala

The River Retreat was probably the most peaceful place I’ve ever stayed till now. The facilities have had exceptional quality compared to the other Indian hotels I’ve been to. The staff was also very competent and the food was amazing. Being a guest in the River Retreat is a lifetime experience.

More about the facility itself:

+ the main hotel room was approx. 30 m2 with an additional 10 m2 ensuite bathroom

+ interior design and decoration was sophisticated, no overwhelming golden or too colourful ornaments

+ the location was easily accessible from a  Thrissur train station (once you found someone who knows where this place is 🙂 )

+ the resort is far from the noisy town center and main road, so it’s a very peaceful part of our World

+ the river Bharathappuzha, right next to the resort, allows guests to observe local people washing their clothes or their elephants ! Also, wildlife with bisons and birds is unique here.

+ the botanical garden has signs for the many different type of cashew , bamboo and palm trees.

+ Ayurvedic treatments are available upon request.

+ sustainability and fair working conditions for the staff are key aspects

– the only information to find the resort is an address. Best of luck to find it without asking around, it’s impossible. There was maybe one big sign next to the road which showed that we are on good track but that’s it.

– at arrival the staff took our luggage without asking. Not a big deal but I felt a bit uncomfortable that a small lady carried my huge backpack.

– there was a building construction right next to the resort to expand the facilities with a more modern hotel.

– their website doesn’t really reflect the unique atmosphere a guest can find there. It looks too westernised on the pictures although it’s not.

– the restaurant’s dining room was too cold due to the air conditioning system running on full steam



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