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Wall Paint and feature wall in Bank project

I have to make a decision on the wall paint color. The current state of the wall is saddening. The previous owner was smoking inside and I got these distressed walls I have to work with.

I would like to have some professionally made distressed vintage wall here, but the future tenant would not live with it for a long time since it’s not a light and sunlit place anyway due to its north facing windows.

The color choice is made by creating these renderings with multiple colors. I agree with the advice to not to paint the wall white if the room is not sunlit:

I will go for the following rustic tone (Polifarbe – komlo color) : beige color. It will make the room cozy since it is only 20 m2.

beige wall paint color




The wall paper used for the feature wall which is visible immediately when someone enters the apartment:

Faro wallpaper

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